Indonesia Global Scholars’ Forum (IGSF) 2018 is a bi-annual international conference held by the Indonesian Students Association of Australia (PPIA). The mission carried out by this conference is to harness genuine ideas and scientific voices of Indonesian scholars worldwide in order to make a positive and impactful contribution towards Indonesia national development’s direction.

The conference used to be known as Konferensi Internasional Pelajar Indonesia (KIPI) in the previous years. The change in name reflects a desire to rejuvenate the concept of the event as well as to expand its scope in order to make it more impactful; sustainable; and relevant with the strategic environment that PPIA is facing as an organisation. Additionally, Perth, Western Australia, is chosen as the venue of the Indonesia Global Scholars’ Forum 2018.

Past KIPI conferences held by PPIA took place, among others, in Brisbane, Queensland (2012); Canberra, Australian Capital Territory (2014); and Adelaide, South Australia (2016). Past conferences touched upon themes such as ‘digital society’ and ‘MDGs and global development agenda’.