The Indonesian Students’ Association of Australia (PPIA) invites you to share your ideas and shape Indonesia’s national development discourses by taking part in the upcoming Indonesia Global Scholars Forum (IGSF) that will be held in Perth, Western Australia, on 23-25 February 2018.

Motivated by the maritime aspirations of President Jokowi and official inclusion of ocean and maritime issues into Indonesia’s National Mid-Term Development Plan (RPJMN) of 2015-2019, IGSF 2018 proudly carries the theme of “Global Maritime Fulcrum: Assessing Indonesia’s Policies, Strategies, and Position.”

Genuine ideas in the form of original research paper is welcomed in three sub-themes below:

Geopolitics, Security, and Law

Issues to explore may include dynamics of Indonesia as a sea power in global and regional perspective; maritime border delimitation and conflicts; challenges to the implementation of Law of the Sea Convention and related international maritime legal instruments in Indonesia; asymmetric threats arising from IUU fishing, terrorism, piracy, human and drugs trafficking; and other geopolitical, legal and maritime security challenges relevant to Indonesia’s Global Maritime Fulcrum aspirations.

Maritime Economy, Infrastructure and Investment

Issues to explore may be related to maritime trade and industries in Indonesia; the development of and investment in ocean and maritime infrastructure to enhance Indonesia’s national connectivity and economic competitiveness; and the broader role that private actors can play in the context of helping to realize Indonesia’s aspiration as a Global Maritime Fulcrum.

Marine Science and the Sustainable Development of Coastal Community and Marine Resources in Indonesia

Issue to explores may include the implications of Indonesia’s maritime and ocean policies on coastal communities around the country; biodiversity and sustainable use of marine resources (fisheries and other natural resources in Indonesian waters and under the seabed); maritime related climate change issues and other relevant sustainability and socio-ecological challenges arising out of Indonesia’s maritime policies and the role of science and technology to tackle such challenges.